Girls and Grapes: Wine Tasting at Whole Foods

selfie wine sipping

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Is there is a better combination than wine and good friends and good food?

In my 24 years experience I have yet to discover it, so I’m fairly convinced it doesn’t exist. Which is why when my friend Katie asked me a few weeks ago if I wanted to go to a wine and cheese tasting at whole foods it was a no-brainer. Duh! Little did she know she would create a Whole Foods wine class junkie though. After the first one, less than a week passed before I had rallied a group and was all booked up for another. The first had been a triple date, but the second was a full blown girls night out!


Unlike the first class, which was technically a cheese class, this Wines of Argentina class was all about the vino. Just the way my friends and I like it. But, seeing as it as hosted at a grocery store, don’t expect to starve. The Argentinian themed appetizers provided were a meal in themselves.

meat course

The sausages were so good, I had to pop the lid off this bad boy to give you a closer look. I know any fellow carnivores will appreciate this. chorizo


A perfectly cooked piece of steak served on a slice of bread smeared in a butter chimichurri sauce and a chorizo slider layered with perfectly seasoned, juicy sausages and a classic chimichurri.

I meant to get a picture of the whole plate, but I got ahead of myself and gobbled up the cheese dish within minutes of taking my seat.

The wine class focuses on wines of a certain region, Argentina in this case, which was perfect for a Malbec lover like myself. The class involved 7 generous pours of different wines, all of a very high quality. The knowledgeable and friendly instructor walks you through each selection, sharing a little bit about the characteristics of the variety, the history of the vineyard, and his tasting notes.


You are given ample materials to follow along on your own, even if the only thing you know about wine is that its tasty. You can even write in your own sophisticated comments about each wine!

wine tasting materials

As the class progressed, the conversation got more lively, the table got more social, and the jokes flowed more freely. I can’t imagine why…

lively table

Once the class technically ended, the party really began. We were able to sip on all of the leftover wines, newly educated on our favorite picks, while the instructor whipped up an encore batch of the fan favorite appetizer, his take on proveletta.

wine collage


Opting out of the traditional provolone, he marinated pieces of bread cheese in olive oil and Italian seasoning before putting them on the grill until they were perfectly crisp on the outside and warm and gooey on the inside.   Definitely something I will have to replicated sometime soon.

Feeling high on life {read, on wine}, we took a cab up to Franklin Street for an impromptu night out at Arcade, an amazing bar lined with every arcade game imaginable, but I’ll tell you more about that another time.

If you are looking for the perfect Friday night activity with friends or a fun new place for date night, definitely check out these wine classes. At $15 per person, they are an absolute bargain for the quality and quantity of food and drink. The next one, Wines of Portugal, is on March 27. Maybe I’ll see you there!



  1. Keri @ Fashionable Foods says:

    That looks like such a fun experience! I wish my whole foods offered this kind of thing – the food looks amazing!

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