Reunited: #sevenyearsstrong

erica and I collage

Pictures of me and Erica taken about 5 years apart…Nothings changed!

Last weekend I had the treat of two of my college best friends, Erica and Megan, visiting for the weekend.

I am lucky enough for 2 of my college best friends, Katie and Emily, to go to law school with me, and the rest to live only a few hours away in Charlotte. So a few times a year, we get to have a mini reunion, and its like nothing has changed at all. We lounge around, sip wine, catch up, watch our old favorite shows, primp to go out, borrow and swap clothes, and celebrate how lucky we are to still be so close after seven years…”#sevenyearsstrong” as Erica likes to say.

They drove up on Saturday morning and arrived just in time for lunch. After gobbling up a quick meal, we immediately went into lounge mode…”nooching” as we used to call it. Don’t ask. We lay around watching tv, talking, doing each others hair (turns out Katie can really pull off corn rows!), and generally enjoying the comfort of being with the people who know you best.

doing hair

Soon enough, it was dinner time, so we all took turns doing each others hair and makeup before settling on outfits and heading downtown for dinner at Kipos.I think Katie put it well when she said it’s the only place in Chapel Hill where you can get an experience with your meal, and it did not disappoint.

curled hair

If you’ve never been, Kipos is a Greek restaurant on Franklin Street in Chapel Hill. Although the foods is spectacular, the restaurant offers so many other reasons to stop by.


As soon as you walk through the door, it feels like you have been transported to Greece. Live greek music floods the dining area, chefs bustle around in the open kitchen, a belly dancer swirls around the tables, and the occasional dancing chain breaks out. Don’t resist if someone comes around and pulls you out of your seat to jump in!

kipos interior


We settled down to pour over the menu, but it didn’t take us long to settle on 2 bottles of wine and the calamari pretty much all around. If you go, be sure not to miss this plate of crispy beauties, it’s some of the best calamari I have ever had.


plated meal

Our meal was peppered with visits from the belly dancer, offering a welcome interruption to the conversation.

belly dancer

It turned out that this was just a warm-up for what was to come as our meal came to a close. A man was bouncing between tables, pulling women from the tables to join a dance line. I’m sure there was a dance to learn, but by the time I was recruited to join, it had turned into a rowdy grapevine looping around the interior.

erica kipos

The dancing started the party, and we continued it by walking across the street to a new bar called The Baxter Bar and Arcade. This new bar offers countless, you guessed it, arcade games lining the walls of the bar. The center has plenty of high tables to gather around, and the bar has every beer you could want, from cheap domestics to local microbrews. As the crowd plays below, cartoons are projected onto a giant screen above. The whole experience is lively and fun, and it is definitely a bar a will be returning to.



The night winded down, and we went our separate ways, only to be reunited several hours later at the most important of meals, brunch. We opted for Weathervane at Southern Season, which is a great place if you want to feel a little fancy and also avoid a lengthy wait. Although extremely popular for brunch, the restaurant is much larger than most, making the wait much easier to handle. I opted for the blueberry pancakes.

weathervane pancakes

After drowning ourselves in coffee and lingering for a while, we headed out and said our goodbyes. The weekend was short, but I know when we see each other again things will pick up right where they left off!



  1. Erica Ruckman says:

    Whether on Wall Street or Main Street, you can always come home to Franklin Street… And THAT’S the best quote- and I didn’t even make it up. Imagine that 😉

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