Mountains with My Man


This week has been my spring break. My last spring break before adulthood officially kicks in!

Unfortunately for me, that meant that I worked full time at my externship to make up for all the hours I missed during those pesky snow days. I miss when a snow day was really a day off! But Danny and I didn’t let our shortened break keep us from getting out of town. We packed our bags, rounded up the pups, and made our way up to my family’s mountain house. If you follow me on instagram (which you totally should!), you may have had a sneak peak at some of this already!

mountain outfit hat

{Jeans, shoes and jacket featured in this post} {weekend bag, old: similar here and here} {scarf, old: similar here} {hat: similar here} {shirt: similar here} {bracelet, old: similar here}

Something about spending a few days away from home, even if I don’t really do anything while I’m there, really resets me. I came back more relaxed and ready to take on the week. I can’t speak for Danny, but I hope he feels the same!

We got in on Friday night, whipped up an indulgent dinner of steaks with red wine compound butter and flourless chocolate cake with marshmallow whipped cream and graham cracker brittle (both recipes coming soon on a blog near you! psst…it’s this one), took the dogs on a long walk, and then curled up by the fire with big glasses of wine and plenty of movies. S’mores may have made an appearance as second dessert.  Hey, when in Rome!

food collage

The next morning, we had a lazy morning of excessive amounts of coffee (okay, maybe that was just me, Danny is a non-coffee drinking weirdo), waffles, and an incredible sunrise.

waffles in mountains

mountain sunset

We had grand plans of going into the closest town, Black Mountain, NC, on Saturday. We were going to shop, get drinks at Pisgah Brewery, and have a nice dinner. But like you may have gathered if you read my earlier post, that never happened. A few glasses of wine and a lot of lazy led to us spending the entire day lounging around the house. Which means I don’t have as many adventures to share here as anticipated. I end up developing a new recipes while I was there though, so I thought I’d offer a glimpse of what’s to come. Consider this the official trailer for my next two or three posts!

A fresh spring take on grilled cheese involving honey, pistachios, and BRIE


Finally our hunger overcame our laziness and we ventured out of the house for some pizza. We quickly retreated for the night to have a TV marathon and round two of s’mores. We may have an addiction.

But we were out of the house long enough for a bottle of hot sauce to catch my eye. I know this isn’t the type of photo I usually share, but I couldn’t resist. Does promoting your business via hot sauce bring in any results? Have you truly made it when pizza joints use your car dealership’s hot sauce? I can’t.

hot sauce

The next morning we packed everything up and headed back home. Is there anything better than a good road trip?! Yes. A private jet to a tropical island. But I’ll take what I can get.


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