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There is nothing I love like a good tradition. Big or small, I get irrationally attached to them. This probably explains my love for obsession with Christmas. Don’t believe me? Just ask my mom about the Great Pie Debacle of Thanksgiving 2014 where she audaciously decided to make pumpkin bread instead of pumpkin pie for dessert….in fact, she included ZERO pies on the dessert menu. This ended with me hastily making a pie from scratch with the mismatched ingredients available in my parent’s cabin.


But a tradition doesn’t have to be big to be special. One of my favorite traditions I have I get to celebrate every week because it is so small, but I love it none-the-less. Every Saturday, Danny and I round up the pups for a trip to the dog park. On our way there, we pop into Weaver Street Market, get giant cups of coffee (or Hot Chocolate in Danny’s case) and warm croissants. After we devour this mid-morning breakfast, we make our way to the park where we watch the dogs run around with all of their dog park friends. There is quite a regular crew of pups there…and a regular crew of true crazy dog ladies haha!


{Jeans} {purse, Vince Camuto, similar here} {Shoes, Bamboo, similar here that I like even more than what I have ;)} {Chambray top}




Anyways, comfort is the name of the game when your plan involves chasing dogs around a field. For me, that meant this chambray top. I have seriously never owned a shirt so soft and comfortable as this one. I got mine at Marshall’s, but lucky you, I found the exact same one available online! I can’t recommend it enough, snatch yourself one while they’re available and don’t take it off all spring!



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