3 Ways to Wrap a Present without Wrapping Paper


My first DIY post! I love a good craft, and wanted to include these sorts of posts from time to time when I started this blog. I hope ya’ll like it!

When Danny and I first started dating, I was the first one to have to give a gift for a big occasion, his birthday (he would probably laugh at me for calling that a big occasion haha, but I love celebrating people’s birthdays!). I found the perfect present for him, and was itching to gift it to him as soon as it arrived. I asked him daily if he wanted his birthday present early. With all that time and anticipation, you would think I would have wrapped it. You thought wrong. Ain’t nobody got time to go buy wrapping paper!

Instead, when the morning of his birthday arrived, I went into my closet, put the present in one of my t-shirts, bundled it up, and handed to him. I probably told him to fold the shirt back after he opened it too. He loved the present (yay!), but I didn’t escape without being laughed at for my “wrapping” job.

Don’t be like me.

Wrapping a present without wrapping paper is so easy, you just have to be a little crafty. Think of how many paper products are sitting around your house. It doesn’t take much to turn that in to a good looking gift!

Here are three of my favorite go-tos to get your imagination going!

Black and White and Read all over


Ahh, my favorite pun again! This way is one my mom taught me way back when I was in high school, likely because we were out of wrapping paper and in a pinch. Although newspaper subscriptions are a dying thing, it isn’t hard to find a freebie copy of a local paper at a coffee shop or outside a shopping center.

This is definitely the easiest option since it already comes in neat sheets of paper about the perfect size for wrapping most gifts. The only word of caution is that it rips easily, so be gentle with it while wrapping. I like to finish this style off with red ribbon, because black, white (well, really more like grey), and red is one of my favorite color combos, but any ribbon you have around will work!

Brown Paper Bag and Twine


Channel your inner Fraulein Maria and give someone a brown paper package tied up with string! I love how rustic and clean this way looks…. it is very trendy right now! This method works best for smaller boxes, since you are more constrained in the size of your paper. All you need to do for this is cut the bottom off of a paper grocery bag, then cut up one of the edges so you have a large rectangle. Smooth out the bag as much as possible, and then lay it down with the side with any printing on it facing up. Place your box in the center and cut the paper to size. Proceed with wrapping like you would any other present. No need to be gentle, this paper is meant to transport gallons of milk!


I like to finish this off with bright colored twine. I got this mint twine from walmart for $1. I doubled the string before wrapping so that it would have a little more pop!

Wrap it in a Scrap of Fabric


I’m willing to bet that if you looked around your house, you could find a scrap of fabric somewhere. Whether it is literally from a roll of fabric or is an old sheet, pillow case, or t-shirt. You’re probably going to end up using these scarps as a rag or throwing it away eventually, so you might as well put it to a prettier use while you can! I would say this is the most difficult way to wrap, since tape does not stick well to many fabrics. To remedy this, you HAVE to use a ribbon to tie it up in the end. I tend to go super overboard with the tape as I am going so it stays put. When I am done, I tie it all up tightly with a ribbon, and then remove the tape. If you tied your ribbon tightly enough, this is all you need to keep everything in place!

For present tags, I cut out pieces of scrapbooking paper that I got at Michael’s for 39 cents a sheet into fun shapes. I did a square and a heart because my cutting skills are not developed enough to pull off much else, but if you are blessed with that skill or have something to use as a stencil (a cookie cutter would work great here), go to town with the shapes!


Now you never have an excuse to gift an unwrapped present, and can probably save some money in you gifting endeavors. Get gifting!



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