The Liebster Award


What is an Liebster Award you ask? A week ago I did’t know either. If you had asked me, I probably would have guessed someone inexplicably made a couple name out of Leighton Meester’s first and last names. But (shocker) that’s not correct at all… it’s a lot less weird and a lot more exciting!

The Liebster Award is a blogging award for small blogs (less than 500 bloggers) that other bloggers believe are on the right path. I was giddy when Cassie Cottura of The Blushing Dahlia nominated me earlier this week, and can’t wait to pass along the honor to some other talented ladies myself. I love all the love in the blogger community!

So how does it work? I answer a few questions about myself that I just know you have been on the edge of your seat wanting to have answers to, and then give the nod to 10 fellow small bloggers to do the same and give a shout-out to me, the blogger who nominated them, by linking back to my blog in their post!

1. What encouraged you to start a blog?

I am a bit of a blog junkie…I read anywhere from 10-15 a day, and I have always had a tinge of jealousy that they had such a beautiful outlet to share their life. Nobody got to hear more about this than my boyfriend, Danny. With a little a lot of encouragement from him, I decided to take the plunge about a month and a half ago. I figured even the bloggers I love most were once noobs like me! Check out my About Me page for the full story.

2. What is your favorite part about blogging?

My favorite part is day-dreaming up posts and getting other’s involved in activities to do posts on! It’s actually impossible to be bored when you have a blog. My mind is always working on what recipes, outfits, and activities would make fun posts. And as a lifestyle blog, I love how it pushes me to try activities around my city that I may have never done otherwise so that I have new, exciting content to post about!

3. What is the meaning behind your blog name?

I chose to use my nickname to do a play on the word “teaspoon.” I got this idea in my head a long time ago as a name for my imaginary blog and never let go of it. I feature a little of everything on my blog. It’s obviously works for cooking, but I think it is equally applicable for activity and fashion posts…. all of my life’s sweetest things.

4. What is one thing you miss from your childhood?

I miss not having any worries. Once you grow up, I think it’s almost impossible to ever had a fully clear mind. It seems there is always some lingering stress of anxiety about something that needs to be done. Children don’t have that. They just take everything in as it comes and fully enjoy it.

5. Do you prefer coffee or tea?

Black coffee.

6. What is something that is an important part of your morning routine?

Black coffee.

I also like taking my dogs out in the morning. It lets me get a nice breath of fresh air that really wakes me up and gives me an idea of what the weather is like before I get dressed.

7. What is your favorite clothing item?

Very hard question but I would have to say jewelry. I have SO much. I would say too much but i’m not sure there is such a thing. I much prefer to wear a basic outfit and allow my accessories to make the statement.

8. What is your favorite season?

Fall, especially a particularly cold one. I love cozy sweaters and jackets and having an excuse to make a fire or hot chocolate. So I would say winter but it really just can’t compare to fall’s natural beauty. So there you go, my favorite season is a cold fall. I can’t seem to keep these answers straight forward.

9. If you could take a weekend trip somewhere, where would it be?

Asheville!! My parents have a cabin about 50 minutes away and I love going there and then spending the day in Asheville. The food is incredible, there are breweries galore, so many cute shops to peak into, the mountains are gorgeous, and did I mention the food?! Hello, Chocolate Lounge!

10. Must have beauty product?

Eyebrow powder or pencil. My eyebrows are really light and I feel naked without touching them up.

Here are the blogs I would like to nominate:

Well Thought Out, Twinkles

My Fitster Life 

Glamour and Gloss 

Ectasy By Praticia



A Side of Dessert

The Pink Impact 

Ladies and Lace

Avenue Camilla

If I nominated you and you accept, just answer the questions I did above, link back to my blog, and nominate 10 blogs of your choice!



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