Good Friday, Great Food

Yesterday, I had the best brunch of my life. I don’t say that lightly. It was one of those meals that had me day-dreaming about it all day and eating dinner at 4 just because I couldn’t resist my box of leftovers a second longer. And there were lots of leftovers…the portions were no joke! True Flavors Diner is in an unlikely location in a strip-mall but as soon you you walk in, you’ll forgive its lack of curb appeal. It’s been open for less than a month, but I have no doubt it will be wildly successful once the word gets out!

Triangle people, you have to give this place a shot. You’ll thank me as soon as a steaming plate of fresh biscuits and out-of-this world apple butter arrives at your table while you wait for your food. Or maybe even as soon as you see the container of striped paper straws on the table and in-house herb garden.

true flavors size

herb garden

table and straws

table and flowers

I had seen someone instagram their meal from this restaurant about a week ago. Curious, I looked it up online and immediately began to annoy Danny about it until on Friday, he finally agreed to make the 12 minute trek to exit 278 to get there. I pulled on jeans and my favorite pineapple t-shirt and we were off!

diner outfit

{t-shirt, French Connection} {Wedges, Dolce Vita} {Jeans, LOFT} {Belt, similar here (mine is a mens belt I stole from my brother)} {Bag, similar here} {Bracelet, part of this set}

Even Danny was pretty excited about the place, particularly the paper straws haha! We settled in and our order was quickly taken, duck hash for me and steak and eggs for him.

We were barely back into our conversation after ordering when a waitress came and asked us if we wanted fresh biscuits while we waited. Duh! To our surprise, as soon as we polished off the first plate, a second replaced it. Before we even had our meal, I knew this place was a winner.



danny at brunch

While we waited for our entrees to come out, I snooped around taking pictures of the interior. Everything was perfectly thought out…it was like something off of a pinterest board! You could even watch as your meal was prepared in the open kitchen. I was particularly excited by the dessert displays in the front window! Sadly, I was too full to splurge on a treat….guess I’ll have to come back

open kitchn

water glass

window display


As I watched the people around us get their food, my anticipation for the meal increased. Every single dish was beautiful and looked mouth-wateringly delicious. When our food finally came, I was more than ready to dig in. This might have to do with the fact that it was 11am and I still hadn’t eaten. Even on the weekend I’m more of a 7:30 am breakfast gal than a bruncher. Maybe next time I can talk Danny into a 7:00 am breakfast…this place opens in time for a true breakfast, perfect for earlybird weirdos like me!


steak and eggs

My duck hash set a new bar for brunch dishes. It was full of tender pieces of duck, perfectly seasoned potatoes, earthy thyme, and shallots, blanketed in salty white cheddar, and bathed in the yolk of poached eggs. My tastebuds were saying never stop but my stomach had different plans…mine easily filled me up for brunch and left enough for dinner as well. I can’t speak to the steak and eggs since I didn’t try them. But that says a lot in and of itself. Danny always lets me have a bite of his food, but he wasn’t sharing yesterday! From the looks of it, the steak was high quality and perfectly cooked.

The prices here are surprisingly reasonable. My duck hash set me back $10.95 and the generously portioned steak and eggs was $12.95. Definitely worth the drive, especially since I think that if this place was in Chapel Hill the dishes would be priced much higher.

Next time you wake up wanting to indulge in a leisurely breakfast, I cannot recommend this place enough. Even if you don’t wake up and want to get moving, breakfast is served all day along with lots of lunchtime offerings. I promise you won’t leave disappointed.



  1. Kiki @ According to Kiki says:

    I would’ve been sold at the in house herb garden. Like how many people can say they’ve seen that?! Then I saw your food. I really wish more places cared about their craftsman ship like this. I’m so over frozen burgers and bagged salads.

    • tspoonfulofsugar says:

      I know right?! It was an amazing experience from the way the staff treated customers to the care put into the dishes. Definitely should be more places that hold themselves to that standard!

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