Two Years….

two years

I’ll be the first to admit that I love the idea of anniversaries.

There is something so special to me about taking time out of your day to celebrate what is probably the biggest part of your life….your S.O.! Day after day they do countless things for you and are always by your side, so it is easy to forget how lucky you are to have them. Anniversaries make you stop and appreciate just how much you enjoy having such a great side kick day in and day out.

I was not originally going to post about our anniversary, but the blog is kinda a diary of “life’s sweetest things” for me, and this takes the cake for the sweetest. I couldn’t resist writing out something I could look back on and smile. I promise I’ll be back to my usual posts tomorrow! (Also, if you follow me on Instagram, bear with me on the repeats!)

Danny and I had promised no gifts….I should have known better though! He surprised me with a new camera, which cued a panic that I had stuck to our argreement like a horrible person. The theme of the whole day turned into “Taylor making up for thinking no presents meant no presents”….and what was my first idea? A trip to get a pedicure ahaha. Danny is always trying to get me to give him foot massages, so I figured there was no way he wouldnt like it! And I was right. Nothing new there though! (kidding)


Because I know how to make a man feel like a man, I suggested we cap off the experience with a shared birthday cake frappuccino…after all, birthdays are pretty much just a specific type of anniversary, so it was festive!

birthday cake

The rest of the day was spent lazing around generally relaxing (one of the ultimate activities in the life of a student), until it was time to get ready for dinner at our favorite date night spot for special occassions, The Melting Pot. Some people knock it for having to cook your own meal, but I couldn’t disagree more! If you’re looking to share a night with someone special, I love how hands on it is and how much time it takes! There aren’t many dinner date spots that let you get settled in for 2 or more hours….or that give you a cozy booth with a curtain partitioning you from the world! Once that curtain closed we had a little square of space all to ourselves.


my love


The Melting Pot has a lot to offer, but trust me and spring for the Four Course Experience if you are celebrating something special. Its indulgent, romantic, and fun…everything an anniversary should be if you ask me. Did I mention it involves molten pots of cheese and chocolate?! I didn’t? Silly me, that’s all that really needs to be said!

You’re started off with a cheese fondue to share…we agreed on the spinach artichoke. Imagine your favorite spinach artichoke dip except meltier, gooier, and more adept at fully enveloping whatever dippers you send its way!

cheese fondue scene

cheese fondue dip

Next out is the salad course….you could be healthy here, or you could forget about that for the night and opt for a strawberry caprese salad with generous hunks of fresh mozzarella. Wanna guess which route I opted for?


For our main course, we both selected Land and Sea…shrimp, filet, and herb encrusted chicken breast. Perfect for indecisives like me. All of the meat courses also come with loads of fresh veggies and an entire tray of dipping sauces. Writing this I am starting to realize why I am so smitten with the restraurant, it’s like an extended appetizer sampling. No need to commit to any one thing. Dip your shrimp in curry sauce, then have the next one in asian plum glaze! Go wild, never have the same flavor twice! Just promise me if you go one of those flavors will be a mushroom cap with the green goddess sauce.

fondue meat

The shining star of the Melting Pot experience is definitely the final course of chocolate fondue. Surprise, surprise if you read this post, Danny and I went for the s’mores. Sadly, I am a very bad blogger who apparently suffers from chocolate-induced blackouts and completely forgot to snag a single shot of it! I blame the graham cracker encrusted marshmallows dripping in molten milk chocolate.

After all but licking the pot, we waddled on out grinning from ear to ear. The drive home was spent alternating between me talking about how delicious the meal was and Danny talking about how delicious the meal was. I couldn’t image a better way to spend the day, and I am already looking forward to our next reason to celebrate!



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