Sunday Steals: The Look for Less

First off, I want to apologize for my three day hiatus from posting. I am a law student, and we’re getting into the dreaded exam period, so the blog has had to take a bit of a back burner so papers get written and classes don’t get failed. You know, minor details like that! But even with exams cramping my style, I am going to try to still get up two or three posts a week since I know you’re all wondering how life could go on without them! (just play along with me haha)

I have done a Sunday Steals post before, and have wanted to do another one since then. I absolutely LOVE looking for a good deal…save a few investment pieces (think nice handbags, classic shoes, wool jackets, denim), a good portion of my closet is made up of things I paid $20 or less for. One of my best friends practically rolls her eyes whenever she asks me where I got something because the answer is Marshalls 9 out of 10 times.

Some of my all time favorite bargains I have snagged are a pair of Cole Haan high heels for $20 (yes you read that right!), a pair of Dolce & Gabanna heels in flawless condition for $115 (consignment store snag), Stuart Weitzman heels for $30 (consigned), and a Michael Kors blazer for $25 (thrifted, in perfect condition).

But even beyond designer labels, there are so many cute clothes out there to be had on discount sites and fast fashion online shops.

If you are patient, you keep an open mind (like, don’t be afraid to dip into a consignment store from time to time), and don’t mind regularly checking up on your favorite sites for sales and deals, there is no reason you can’t dress well without breaking the bank.

To help you get started and take away the heavy lifting of the process, I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorite trends for this season, and given links to where you can get a very similar look for a fraction of the price!

Pineapple Prints:

The look on the left goes for $118…the kid’s version at Forever21 is a measly $7….you probably spent more on lunch! It may be a kids, but I often find that kids larges fit fine. The only issue is that sometimes they are short…but hey, crop tops and high waist lines are very trendy right now. The tops are clearly not identical, but the colors are really similar and it gives you something on trend to wear for the season. Something like this is the perfect example of what NOT to spend big on. Pineapples are a super cute trend this season, but I have a feeling by next summer we will have moved on…

pineapple save spend

{left shirt} {right shirt}

earing spend save

{left pair $48} {right pair $2.90}


I own two nice pairs of sunglasses. I have had them for years, and take really good care of them. But when I am at the beach and want something I can leave on my towel while I splash around in the waves (or wear right on into the ocean), I am not looking for something with such a hefty price tag. The pair of sunglasses on the left is a Prada pair I saw one of my favorite bloggers, Cait of Southern Curls and Pearls, wearing recently. The pair on the right is over $350 dollars cheaper.

For the most part, I also don’t think sunglasses are something where you get what you pay for. A cheap pair can be just as high quality as designer. For cheap sunnies, Amazon is your best friend!!

sunnies save spend

{left pair $385} {right pair $2.80 (!!)}


A lot of my dresses don’t end up getting worn as many times as I would hope, so a great deal on a dress is always worth it. I have noticed a lot of structured floral dresses this season and rounded up a few bargains!

spend save floral

{top left $148} {top right $21} // {bottom left $138} {bottom right $22.67}

Metallic Espadrilles:

Shoes are usually something I am a proponent on investing in a good pair…but that doesn’t mean a good deal can’t be found! I tend to not bother with shoes that aren’t made out of real leather (sorry to any vegans out there!)…the quality is visibly lesser and they wear out SO much faster. So instead of looking at stores like forever21 or H&M for my shoe deals, I look in Marshall’s, consignment stores, and sites like 6pm that sell high quality brands for discounted prices. Both of these are all leather, but the price difference is in the hundreds of dollars…

PicMonkey Collage1

{left shoe $690} {right shoe $78}

Fun Flats:

I have noticed flat espradrilles in fun prints everywhere this season! Rounding up this post I found 2 super similar pairs of printed flats, made my the same brand, for over $20 dollars difference in price! The cheaper pair even comes with free shipping, while the pricier one does not!

spend save flats

{left shoe $55} {right shoe $32.99}

No matter what your budget situation, I think saving some money is always a plus! I hope you find yourself some cute new steals to wear all season long!


p.s., I want to give a shoutout to FashionandMoore, who nominated me for the Liebster award…I’ve already participated in it, but you should definitely go check out her blog!!


  1. Kiki @ According to Kiki says:

    I love looks for less posts. There’s so much out there people don’t even realize! Plus it’s fun to be “on trend” without over spending. Thanks for sharing these with us. Target has some pretty great Espadrille options too. (:

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