I’ve got a food picture heavy quick little post for you today!

Since there is not much more I love to do than look at pictures of food and drinks on pinterest, I figure I can’t be the only weirdo who loves to torture myself looking at things I can’t eat or drink. A few weekends ago on Good Friday my friends and I got together for a little Friday night girl’s night fun. And there is absolutely no better girls night than rounds of fancy drinks and Mexican food.

This is double true when served in a restaurant filled with bright decorations and twinkling lights.

calavera 1

So where am I talking about? One of my new favorite places to grab a quick bevvie as my friends in college and I called them (why the double v? who knows) and hang out, Calavela! I have to thank Danny’s sister-in-law, Rachel, for introducing me to it. She suggested it the weekend before, and it only took me a week to return! When I like something, I want to go back immediately. I immediately came home and convinced my friends to go the next weekend on Good Friday. To risk being a little bit un-politically correct, it was sort of like our table was decorated for the occasion….


Compulsively needing to revisit places I love is a trend with me haha. If you live in the Triangle area, you are likely not tooo too far from one, since they have a location in Carrboro and in Raleigh. So through on something fun, text your friends, and make some plans!

Mexican calls for neon!

Mexican calls for neon!

{shorts} {wedges} {lip stick in Mysterious Red} {similar earrings}

The drinks are on the pricey end at $9 a pop, but they go down like a dream (which could be dangerous) and the food is cheap, an empanada will only run you $3.50! I started off the night with a brown sugar mojito. I cannot wait to try to recreate this recipe at home sometime, so I had to snap a picture of the ingredients too! It tasted like a refreshing apple pie fused with a tropical drink you would order at a tikki bar. After sampling the selections of all my friends, I have to say, I think I picked one of the contenders for top drinks. I highly recommend this!


bsm recipe

If tequila is more your thing than rum, you can get the same flavor vibe elsewhere in the form of the apple pie margarita…

apple pie margarita

Lucky me, our waiter spontaneously brought me this drink “just because”….my friends and I had a good laugh over this and my as-always awkward handling of the situation. But at $9 a drink, this was a definite win!

My friend Mary went for the strawberry mojito, which was very photogenic.

strawberry mojito

While we waited for our other friends to arrive, we couldn’t resist the chips and queso. I was very partial to this because the queso was thick. For me, this is the ultimate virtue that queso can have. I love queso, but I hate when it’s so thin I can barely get any on my chips. Whether salsa, guacamole, or queso, I really see chips as merely a vehicle to eat as much dip as possible, so thinness is a tragedy for me.


Once we ordered, it took a while for our food to come out. And once it did, it came out 30 minutes apart, one half of the table first, the other much later. I really value service in a restaurant, so normally, this would be a big issue for me. But nothing makes me like love a restaurant more than when they handle problems in a way that goes above and beyond a customer’s angriest of expectations (not to say that we were at this point, but they would have even made us happy if we were!). Once we finally got all of our food and were happily digging in, the manager came out to personally apologize. Then, he told us that our entire bill would be on the house. This was so beyond what we expected or thought was necessary, but he simply said to please give them a second chance to impress. That, in my opinion, is how a business should be run. Very respectable and very impressive!

So, what did we end up munching on?

I was pretty full from the chips that Mary and I shared, so I just went for the elote. Usually, I hate mayo, but this corn cooked with mayo, cheese, chili, and lime was so indulgently delicious. Another recipe I want to try to recreate!


We even got extra empanadas!


Safe to say I will definitely be back to give the place a third, fourth, and fifth chance and beyond.


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