Onto the Next Chapter…


Why are we cheersing?

The best reason ever to be cheersing….we finished law school! No more exams, no more classes, no more papers, well….EVER!

I wanted to put up a short post today to update you all on this development in my life, since this is a lifestyle blog and all. Guess that means it is time to update my about me page, since it officially is outdated.

Yesterday, Danny sat for this last exam and I turned in my final research paper, and just like that, I walked out of the law school with nothing requiring me ever to return except for getting the combination lock off of my locker (yes, we have lockers like its middle school).

big boss beer

drinking beer

{bracelet, House of Harlow, rented from Rocksbox} {necklace, Perry Street, rented from Rocksbox} {dress, Forever 21}

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Anyways, after getting in some very necessary naps (and me getting my eyebrows and nails done so I felt human again), we headed out in search of cold beers and bar food. We passed by a bar called Four Corners, saw a sign for 4 dollar boneless wings, and knew we found just the place! We are not hard to please haha. Also, we had a great view from our table.

franklin street

drinking in a bar

Daniel Wellington watch

{watch, Daniel Wellington} {beer, Big Boss– if you live in Raleigh, you have to go check out this brewery!}


Now we have a few weeks to relax, celebrate, and (for me) work on the blog, before we start studying for the bar. We are off to Charleston, SC, this weekend with friends to kick off our break!



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