Come fly with me…

There are some things in life you don’t say no to.

A private flight with friends to the beach is high on that list.

A few weeks ago, my friend Collette asked me if Danny and I would be interested in going on a weekend trip with her and her boyfriend, Rocco, during the first weekend of May. Then, she casually mentioned that Rocco had been wanting to fly somewhere, so they were thinking that would be our mode of transportation for the trip.

I was sold immediately, and was fairly certain Danny would be all over the idea too. Lucky me, I was right! (surprise, surprise…)

Rocco and Collette have been good friends of ours for a while. When Danny and I first started dating, I actually third wheeled Rocco and Collette for a flight around the triangle…Danny hadn’t become friends with them yet, so he didn’t snag an invite hehe. But I had never had the chance to fly with an actual destination in mind. Sign me up!

Our trip started out basically with only a plan to fly somewhere. It took us a while to settle on where, but eventually we chose Charleston, SC! One of my favorite cities, so I was quite pleased. In the two weeks leading up to the trip, we finally secured a place to stay (a boat yacht we found on Airbnb!!), and started to finalize some plans (read: Collette and I scouted places for bottomless mimosa brunches and were disappointed to find out they are illegal in SC). 

air port

Despite the brunch setback, everything looked like it was going to be smooth sailing…until we began to stalk the weather forecast and our hopes of flying looked less and less plausible. By Wednesday, I was trying to temper my expectations, expecting that a 5 hour drive may be in my near future.




Luckily, Friday rolled around and the rain clouds rolled out! By the time our trusty pilot got off work, all signs of rain had been replaced by absolutely gorgeous weather. We met Rocco at the airport, packed up and took off!

Hard at work setting our flight plan!

Hard at work setting our flight plan!



The flight there went perfectly, we watched a beautiful sunset from above the clouds, and then ooed and ahhed over the lights of Charleston as we landed. We even got to see the Charleston Bridge all lit up over the harbor. And at around an hour and 20 minutes, it was an ideal alternative to the 4 hour and 45 minute drive! We landed around 9:30 and met our AirBnb host, Rob. He turned out to be one of the nicest guys I have ever met, and was a lawyer with some very interesting stories to share! He got us settled into the boat, and then left us to do our own thing for the night.


Our pilot explaining how flying works

Our pilot explaining how flying works



None of us had had dinner yet, and by this point it was nearly 11 PM. We headed into downtown Charleston on a Friday night, still dressed in our clothes from the day, and began to search for a bar that was still serving food. It was safe to say that I have never felt more homely than I did next to the College of Charleston going out crowd while asking bouncers if the food service had stopped!

We eventually found a bar with kitchen service and live music, and enjoyed a beer and some wings before calling it a night. Before we hopped in our Uber, I happened to spy the perfect gift to ask for for graduation…A toy carousel! This will look so good in my first grown-up apartment!


I can’t wait to share with you all the details of the rest of the trip!

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