Airplanes and Appetizers


Posts about events I have attended and places I have visited are easily my favorite to write. It gives me a chance to relive them while on my couch in my PJs as I go through my pictures and reminisce on what details to divulge. Its like a diary I get to share with the world, or at least, my readers.

This time around, I was attending a wine tasting. I know, surprise surprise. But guess what?! This one wasn’t at Whole Foods! Danny’s entire family lives in either Raleigh or Chapel Hill, which means we see them a lot (totally not a bad thing, actually, a great thing!). His mom is dating a man named Greg, who extremely generously invited us all along to a Rotary Club wine tasting event at the General Aviation Terminal of the Airport (don’t even get me started on how hard it was to find…have you ever put 30 miles on your car just doing loops around the airport?). Anyways, the journey was worth it once I arrived! (last, I’d like to add, despite the fact that I am almost certain I left for the event first haha).


Danny’s mom and her boyfriend, Greg

wine tasting

Upon walking in, I was quickly equipped with a glass and a passport telling me all of the wines being offered, the price of the bottle, and the region it was from. Danny played the entertainer for me with his expert reading of the passport and all of the wine names. Asides from the wine, there were also tables and tables of appetizers…most notably shrimp. I think Danny and I ate enough to threaten an upcoming shortage.


It took me about 15 minutes to get Danny to venture from a 5 foot radius of the shrimp table (can’t blame him, really,  it makes me proud), before we could get out and explore what was being offered.


Obviously, there was cheese. I should have had more of this. Sadly, when I went for my first plate I was trying to balance my camera, clutch, wine glass and plate and ended up dumping my plate of appetizers all over the table. I scurried away in a hurry after quickly trying to clean up my mess. Out of embarrassment, I never returned to the table. It was a shame. Also, this is the first I have told anyone about doing that, so, surprise! You can’t take me anywhere.

091 093

There was a raffle too for many awesome prizes. Sadly, none of us won anything. One suspiciously lucky woman walked away as the winner of three raffle prizes! Another lucky winner walked away with a hoe and a rake, both things I distinctly do not need, so maybe not winning wasn’t so bad…


Despite being impossible find (at least for me), the venue was awesome! There was a balcony outside where you could watch all of the planes prepare for take off or landing, and day dream about the private jet you would want to own. One day…

It also made me miss our trip to Charleston two weeks ago!



Danny and his youngest sister



Danny's brother Tommy, and his wife, Rachel

Danny’s brother Tommy, and his wife, Rachel

Danny and I spent the evening hanging out with his siblings, sipping beers (the wine pours were so small that we assessed a beer was the way to go!), and generally chowing down on appetizer fare. Pretty much an ideal night if you ask me! I was playing lead photographer for the night, which is not something I am used to. That is Danny’s area of expertise, so I didn’t get to be many pictures of myself! I also didn’t notice when a smudge got on my camera lens and ruined half of my pictures! Something Danny would have definitely caught (he is hyper-attentive to details like that, which is a god send when you have a blog!).

wine 9

Despite the relatively low level of photo-documentation, it was an amazing night and I am so grateful that I got the chance to attend (Thank you, Greg!!)




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