Pool Day

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This is Danny and I’s “last summer”…after this year, summer will just be another season. Sadly, our summer is short. We have a bar exam course starting in about a week, so we’ll be spending more time working than we usually do during school! Short as it may be, we are determined to to make it sweet! So, with our last full week of summer break upon us, we are determined to not spend it sitting inside.

That doesn’t mean we have any elaborate plans. Today, that simply met a day slathered in sunscreen, relaxing by the pool, fun drinks in hand.

To make the whole outing a little more fancy, I mixed us up some fun cocktails…I am calling them Blackberry Mint Smashes, and don’t worry, I am definitely sharing the recipe. These were sweet, bubbly, and refreshing. Exactly what I want when lounging poolside.


Usually, Danny isn’t one for cocktails. But I learned in Charleston, he has a soft spot for cocktails with fresh mint, so that’s what inspired these beauties.

To Mix up one Blackberry Mint Smash, you will need:

1 shot of vodka,

3/4 cup of citrus soda (I used Fresca, but Sprite of Seven Up would work too)

1/4 cup blackberries (fresh or frozen and dethawed), or about 5

4-5 large mint leaves

1 teaspoon sugar

squeeze of lemon juice


  1. In a small cup, muddle mint, berries, sugar, and lemon juice so that it looks like this:

pool2      2. To the cup, add the vodka and soda, and stir

3. Fill cup to the brim with ice and serve with a mint garnish



Cocktails in hand, we headed up to the pool!


I was excited to finally take a dip in my newest bathing suit! I was given this suit by a new local swimsuit company called Wamma Beachwear. Although they are already established in Miami and in Venezuela (where it was founded), they are just getting started in the area. They invited me to come by their showroom in The Carter Building, at  14 Glenwood Ave. Suite 16 in Raleigh. It is a small building of artists’ studios, and while I was there I was even able to see their gorgeous paintings and photography. If you want to see more of their designs, you can check out their instagram or email them at wammabeachwear@gmail.com!


I was really pleased with the quality of the suit, and I liked that they had both lots of unique patterns and solid colored suits alike. The 0nly thing I would change is that the backs are cut a little small (ladies, I am hoping you know what I mean!). But that really speaks to my comfort level more than the suits themselves! All in all, I would definitely reach for another suit from this brand in the future!


I spent the afternoon lounging until the heat was too much and I joined Danny in the pool. Once I dove in, we both went back about a decade in age and spent the rest of the day showing off our handstands, back flips, and racing each other around the pool ( I lost every time). My summer may be short, but I am savoring it!



  1. Andrea Nine says:

    What a great day! Poolside is my favorite place to be! Your swimsuit is absolutely cute as a button and so are you!! and I adore the black hat.so much!!! xo


  2. Lee says:

    SUCH a gorgeous swimsuit! You guys look great in all the pics!

    Good luck with studying for the bar! It is such a time consuming process, but just think about how great it will be to finally be done! woohoo!

    Lee | LegalLee Blonde

    • tspoonfulofsugar says:

      I am certainly not looking forward to it, but it is good to hear words of encouragement from people who have survived it haha!

    • tspoonfulofsugar says:

      It is super nice, I don’t make it out there as often as I’d like though! I hope you like the drinks, super easy and so delicious!

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