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One of my good friends from college, Katherine, recently got back from living in Thailand with her boyfriend FIANCÉ for a year where they taught English. Needless to say, she is way cooler than me. Right before Christmas last year, I got wind of some very exciting news that her boyfriend, Justin, had proposed. Due to some slight geographical challenges, the engagement party was postponed until this summer, when they finally were back on American soil. So I had quite a bit of time to look forward to it!

Last weekend, it was finally time to celebrate! I was excited to see her and hear about her trip, and obviously loved the excuse to get dressed up and party with some of my best college friends. Because Katherine was running around talking to everyone she hadn’t seen in a year or more, I somehow escaped without any pictures with her, so I dug one up from the facebook archives haha!

If I remember correctly, we wouldn't stop waving our wands at our friends and declaring ourselves the "Lead Leprechauns" this night...

If I remember correctly, we wouldn’t stop waving our wands at our friends and declaring ourselves the “Lead Leprechauns” this night…

To make the most of our evening, some of my friends and their boyfriends (I was flying solo for the night) decided to meet up before hand for some drinks in the gorgeous weather. Maggie suggested a new wine bar in Charlotte near South Park called J. Sams, and it turned out to the ideal spot. We soaked up the evening sun while sipping on generously poured glasses of wine and catching up. Emily, Katie and I filled Maggie and her boyfriend, J.R., in on all the law school happenings while they told us about their new place in Charlotte and caught us up on the lives of all the college friends we knew who moved to Charlotte.

party6 party3
wine bar

wine bar


After we polished off our last drops of wine, we headed off towards the party, which was at her family’s house. The entrance to her neighborhood was quite regal, so I had to snag a snap!

The album cover for Maggie's upcoming solo debeut

The album cover for Maggie’s upcoming solo debeut


Mediterranean home

Once we walked in, we said our hellos and then settled down in a spot outside to enjoy the last few minutes of evening light while waiters brought around tempting platters of nibbles. I knew I was going to love the party when I was offered a “mac and cheese lollipop” within seconds of stepping through the door. However, the offerings only improved from there…I chowed down on crab cakes, stuffed mushrooms, caprese salad skewers, just to name a few! Katherine’s backyard looked like a resort, so it was so relaxing to settle in with a cocktail and let the delicious food make its way to us!

friends ring7ring6friends


Once the sun said its final goodbyes, we headed indoors in search of something a little more substantial to eat and a trip to the bar. While waiting for our drinks, we got to watch a seemingly endless (in a good way!) reel of Katherine and Justin’s pictures from their time abroad. It gave me a serious case of travel envy!

artichoke dip, pimento cheese, red wine...what more could I want?!

artichoke dip, pimento cheese, red wine…what more could I want?!



As the night progressed, my friends lucky enough to not be their own chauffeurs got more and more…festive. I sadly had to drive myself home so I had to switch to water fairly early in the night.

ring10 ring12

Eventually we all gathered to hear sweet toasts (and some funny stories) from Katherine and Justin’s dads and all cheers to the happy couple. Shortly after, I ended up saying my goodbyes, but I really wish I had stayed a little longer to see the paper lantern send off! It was definitely a party for the books…good food, great friends, and an ideal setting for a warm summer night!



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