Have any of ya’ll seen Pitch Perfect 2 yet?!

It was the first movie Danny ever invited me over to watch with him, and we both love it a little too much, so when we heard about the sequel, we knew a date night was in order! While I can’t say I loved it as much as the first, it was still an entertaining flick and made for a fun evening out. If you haven’t seen it yet, the Indian acapella group is called the Naan-Stoppers, so I couldn’t resist titling my post this since we started our evening with Indian food!

girl in restaurant

Our favorite Chapel Hill restuarant is easily Raaga. If you have never been, I cannot recommend it enough (and there is a $25 for $50 off deal on livingsocial right now!). Indian food is our go-to date night…both of us could eat it day in and day out and never tire of it. This makes us veritable experts in local Indian, and trust us, go to Raaga. Not only is the food incredible, the atmosphere can’t be beat. The interior of this place is absolutely gorgeous.


Since we are such Raaga groupies, we have our order down to a science. We shopped around a little at first on the menu, but at this point, we always go with our tried and true: Lamb Korma for me, Lamb Vindaloo for Danny, Garlic Naan, and (if we are really splurging) Gobi Lasooni. The dinner portions are extremely generous, so even though it is a little pricey, both of us almost always end up with enough leftovers for lunch the next day.

We settled in and were quickly brought papadum to nibble  gorge on until our food came. Danny won’t admit it, but I think this stuff may be his favorite part of the whole meal. Crispy, slightly salty, and a little too munchable!


Next out was our favorite appetizer. Pieces of cauliflower, fried to crispy perfection in a light batter and then smothered in the most delicious sweet and tangy sauce with just the right amount of heat. Its the best cauliflower I have ever eaten. The first time we ate it Danny was unaware that it was cauliflower and asked me if it was fried pieces of chicken haha, so even if cauliflower isn’t your jam, go for it anyways.

Gobi Lasooni....we dove in so quickly I forgot to snap a picture until we were halfway done!

Gobi Lasooni….we dove in so quickly I forgot to snap a picture until we were halfway done!

After we polished off the order and I seriously contemplated ordering another and forgetting about my entree all together, our waiter showed up with steaming boats of curry, a heaping bowl of rice, and pillowy naan to soak up every last drop of sauce. Abandoning entrees like this would have been a serious flaw in judgement!

lamb vindaloo

lamb vindaloo

lamb korma

Lamb Korma




We filled up pretty quickly (like I told you, the portions are huge), and decided to save the rest for another meal. We had decided to go for a showing of our movie 45 minutes later than originally planned so we wouldn’t be rushed. That ended up giving us the perfect amount of time to swing by my place to drop off to-go boxes and kick back with a drink before heading to the movie!


Even going to a late showing, it was opening weekend so we wanted to get there at least 20 minute early. Good thing we did, the theater was packed!

Obviously I am couldn't have been emptier!

Obviously I am kidding…it couldn’t have been emptier!

We sat around doing on screen trivia and chatting about our favorite parts of the first movie until Pitch Perfect 2 (FINALLY) started.

Pitch Perfect 2

I loved all of the music (Danny and I were listening to it yesterday while we got ready for a pool party haha), but overall, it wasn’t as funny and rewatchable as the first. If your a Pitch Perfect die hard, go ahead and see it in theaters, but if you can wait, it would make a fantastic redbox night.



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