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This summer will, in all likelihood, be one of my very worst. I’m not be pessimistic. Its just a fact. The sky is blue. Ice cream is cold. My summer is bleak. I just graduated law school, which means that, unlike most people who celebrate graduation, I am rewarded with 2 solid months during which to memorize the law on 19 (!!?) subject matters. Did I mention that not once was memorization something we needed to do in law school? Sounds fun, huh?! With my summer fate set, all I can do is make the most of it. That means one thing. Pimp my desk.

Like Pimp My Ride, for the (questionably) grown-up individual.  It  is Thursday after all. How is that for a #TBT?

face in hole

I couldn’t help myself… What was that about being a grown up?

After finishing the oh-my-god-so-endless first day of formal review, I began to snoop around the internet for trinkets to make a day at my desk a little more bearable. I figured why not take ya’ll along for the ride and let you peak at my latest wish list.

Fair warning: the list consists of an obnoxious amount of yellow gold office supplies. I can’t help myself. Also, weiner dogs. I know I am not alone in this because when you search “weiner dog” on Amazon, the first suggestion is to search within office supplies. It was comforting to know that I am not alone in that obsession.

So, without further ado, every trinket I am dreaming of cramming onto my desk this summer:

desk wish list

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You see the usual desk suspects…file folders, tape dispensers, staplers, and a few things that I consider necessary for any home desk that is going to be used for more than a place to collect old mail and throw your laptop on when its not in use. Candles are definitely one of these necessities. A flickering flame and soothing scent makes pouring over notes feel a little more luxurious. I first smelled Voluspa candles last fall at a small boutique when I was in Florida for my cousin’s wedding, and I still think about how good they smell sometimes! I shirked shopping for clothes with my mom (that’s saying a lot) and instead obnoxiously smelled every. single. scent. they sold and made Danny smell them too. These are incredible scents and it certainly doesn’t hurt that they are in beautiful holders too! If I am in my room, 9 of 10 times a candle will be burning. You may also think coasters are an odd choice, but I have an old wooden desk, so I am definitely a Monica Geller (if you don’t get that, I can’t help you) about coaster use, just ask Danny. He has been scolded more than once for noncompliance with my coaster rule!

I hope you like some of these pieces as much as me! Until next time…



    • tspoonfulofsugar says:

      jealous!! I am torn between splurging on that or the tape dispenser. I know I’d use a stapler more, but that dog is so cute!

  1. Morgan A. says:

    Hahaha that picture is great. I remember that show…I would always be like WHY DO THEY NEED A FISHTANK??! Or whatever ridiculous thing they added. Anyways, those coasters are amazing. Looking over next my keyboard right now is a ring I made on the table from a hot mug of tea last night…so totally get it.

    x. Morgan /

    • tspoonfulofsugar says:

      hahaha I know right?? Or like a full home theater set up in the back…um, who wants to have to sit behind their trunk outside to watch a movie? Thanks for reading!

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