Wednesday Web Wanderings

In my short time blogging (it still blows my mind its only been about 3 months…I have learned an insane amount of new knowledge in that time!), I have noticed that a TON of bloggers do some sort of weekly round-up. I’m talking “What I’m Loving Wednesday,” “Friday Favorites,” “Style Sundays,” the list of weekday alliterations goes on and on! Basically, they are a curated list of what has really caught that blogger’s eye during the week. These can be anything. Clothes, recipes, articles, GIFs, TV shows, you name it! So, I figured it was high time I started such a list myself. So here we have it, my inaugural Wednesday Web Wanderings!

I’d love to hear what ya’ll think! Do you guys like these sort of lists? I know I personally love them, my favorite being the weekly “Let it be Sunday” posts by Joy the Baker, which are always fascinating and a welcome indicator that alliteration is not, in fact, a prerequisite to writing one of these bad boys haha!

  1. This pink skirt in the picture above is currently my go-to! I am planning a full style post on it soon, so get ready!! So comfortable, so swirly, and long enough that I can sit cross legged still while studying (this is hugely important for a study squirmer like me!) I may just need to go back for the black one too haha!
  2. This recipe for blackberry cabernet granita! Have you guys ever tried to Ciao Bella flavor Blackberry Cabernet? It’s mind-blowing. This seems like the perfect way to capture that at home without an ice cream maker. Key for 20 somethings like me, because really, who has an ice cream maker?
  3. This dress for 10 DOLLARS on pre-order!! This flowy dress is just begging me to run barefoot in the cool grass on a summer evening. It looks beyond comfortable and also would be super cute on July 4th. Its on my short list of must-buys.
  4. A popsicle mold is the next kitchen gadget I have my eyes on. Necessary? Absolutely not. Would I use it? Endlessly. Ice cold foods have been my weakness recently…if there is an upcoming fruit popsicle shortage, all eyes are on me. I don’t know what it is. I haven’t always been like this, but I am just going with it since there are a lot of healthy options out there. I have my sights set on breakfast pops with greek yogurt, fresh fruit, and maybe even a little granola. These look dreamy. Hello, bressert!! (that’s breakfast dessert in case you didn’t catch it)
  5. I am in the (highly stressful) process of trying to nail down a place to live next year! I am moving from Chapel Hill to Raleigh and am on a budget so the options are slim when you consider that we want to be close to downtown and in a safe area! I am in love with this places pet policy….the fee is waived if you have a shelter dog! So sweet and definitely something more places should consider. Puppy love for all!
  6. Does anyone else hate EliteDaily? I loathe seeing lists on my newsfeed that declare things like “There are only 2 types of girls in the world: red wine drinkers and white wine drinkers.” Nope. I’m gonna stop you right there, because you’re obviously wrong. This girl feels my pain. Fair warning…some things on this list are a little NSFW, but I couldn’t resist the sentiment and we’re all adults here. I. Hate. Elite. Daily.
  7. According to Buzzfeed, I need to plan a re-read of Harry Potter. I can’t think of much I’d rather do. I am very disappointed in myself for missing three of these though…Can you remember which book each chapter illustration comes from?? I’ll be in a nursing home before I stop taking Harry Potter quizzes on Buzzfeed. #Potterhead4lyfe

I hope some of these random links that caught my eye catch yours too! Let me know what you like!





  1. Erin@BeetsPerMinute says:

    I can’t stand Elite Daily either!!! I don’t visit it much but I come across it often by default and I find myself feeling like I’m being sucked into a vapid wasteland at the speed of light lol!

    Cute dress — I didn’t know about that site, and they deliver to the UK, which is great because they have some super cute stuff!

    Also, quadruple thumbs up to a place that allows pets that have been rescued. 🙂

    • tspoonfulofsugar says:

      I feel like coming across people posting its articles in impossible to avoid on facebook!! I totally feel you on that haha! And glad I could introduce you to it! There stuff is great, but be sure to always look at the actual measurements they list on the size charts because sometimes the sizes are a little weird. The first skirt I ordered from them was a small and the waist was SO SMALL I don’t know who it would fit! But ever since I just pay attention to the sizes and I have had no problems.

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