Wednesday Web Wanderings


It’s that time again..halfway through the week and the one week anniversary of my weekly roundup of all my favorite finds! This week has already been super long for me, mostly because me weekend was eaten away by a whirlwind of apartment searching, filling out tedious rental applications, and catching up on bar prep. No bueno. The silver lining is that (hopefully) a new home is on the horizon for me and Danny! Fingers crossed something comes through…

Despite last weekends lack of excitement, I am heading to the mountains this weekend for a little college bestie reunion and am literally giddy! I cannot wait to have a short break from the stress of bar studying and catch up with my favorite people. College friends really are the best…you can always just pick up where you left off!

Be warned, there will definitely be at least 2 blog posts about the trip! Without further delay, here are the things that made me think, crave, want, and smile this week…all found on the wonderful web! (Does it make me sound 50 to say web?)

  1. I love Aziz Ansari…I’m currently rewatching Parks & Rec on Netflix (to hold me over until Orange is the New Black comes back on Friday!) and have also watched all of his standup routines. He’s hilarious. This article written by him in Time is super interesting and really makes you think. Don’t worry, his humor isn’t missing either! I don’t have any experience with dating apps, Danny and I met the old fashioned way, but I have lots of experience hearing my friends talk about it and it fascinates me!
  2. THESE BARS….seriously. I don’t even remember how I found this recipe originally, but they are the best cookie bars I have ever made. ever. I made them once for Danny when we first started dating and he said they were the best thing he had ever tasted. So yeah, they’re good. I have also made them countless times since and felt like I had to give the recipe a shout out!
  3. This dress. I love a good swing dress because you can change the look so much by belting it. The floral pattern is so feminine too. I just love it!
  4. This tote. My aunt and uncle gave me a monogrammed Cuyana tote for graduation and I am in love with it!! It is the perfect size for carrying everything you need around and the leather is unbelievably soft so it feels super luxurious to carry around. Highly recommend!
  5. This list by buzzfeed on how to keep your makeup fresh in the summer heat is everything. I have adopted a lot of these techniques on my own already…necessity is the mother of innovation as they say, and I Sweat in the summer with a capital S (keeping it real), but some I haven’t will definitely be giving a whirl. I tend to just gravitate away from makeup in the summer because I’m either too hot to put it on in the first place or I know it’ll be gone within an hour.
  6. Favorite blogger…I don’t know if ya’ll follow Krista on Covering the Bases already..she is pretty big and has been around for a while, but I love her blog so much I wanted to share! Her style is cute, but what I like even more are her travel posts and her informational posts. She is such a natural writer and I appreciate how she always takes the time to write something to her readers in her posts, rather than just putting up pictures.

I hope ya’lls week is going well! Until next time…





  1. Kiki says:

    Good luck on your home hunting! It’s always so stressful, but something perfect will show up for you just in time. (:
    I love getting lost in what others are searching on the web. You can find the best things that way. Thanks so much for sharing!

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