Al’s Burger Shack and Mystery Brewing Dinner

A few weeks ago, an email popped up in my inbox without warning from my friend Katie inviting me and Danny to an event that was hard to say no to.  There was beer. Better yet, there were burgers paired with the beer. And, to top everything off, there was a bluegrass band. We were in.


A local burger joint, Al’s Burger Shack, had teamed up with Mystery Brewing Company for a beer and burger pairing dinner. The feast fixings included 3 burger sliders, a flight of three beers (each paired with a specific burger), and then a final pint of your favorite beer to wash it all down. There’s not much that can go wrong when that’s on the menu.

beer and burger pairing menu

I also took the night as a welcome opportunity to change out of my none too chic bar study uniform of t shirts and pajama shorts.


{shoes} {earrings}{jeans}{shirt, old, similar here}{bag, old, similar here}

We all met up in a slightly unusual location…a dimly lit comedy club, spread out at a long table, and got to chatting while we waited patiently with our beers for the food to arrive. Once the burgers made their debut, a hush fell over us all as we unceremoniously stuffed our faces with the burgers. They. were. so. good.

beer flight


As always, my date was extremely handsome

As always, my date was extremely handsome

burger sliders

My personal favorite was a spicy little number with pineapple and jalaepeno. Interestingly, this was also the burger that I was least excited about when perusing the menu in anticipation online. The one I was most excited for, the mookie, turned out to by my least favorite too! I ended up taking a bite and then trading Danny for his pineapple slider (the mookie was his top pick so it worked perfectly).

jalapeno burger


Once we had polished off our dinners, it was back to the beers. This time that meant picking out or favorite from the bunch and springing for a whole pint.


The dinner was wrapping up, but none of us were keen to do the same with our evening. We decided to make our way over a few doors down to the West End Wine Bar for a final drink before heading our separate ways.

wine bardaniel wellington friends We took our perch on their roof top patio as the heat of the day mercifully drifted away with the evening breeze. The rest of the night flew by in a haze of laughter and lively conversation. We all are headed in different directions come the end of the summer, so the perils of finding a new home dominated the chatter.

drinking beer

happy hour


Eventually, the final drops of our drinks had long disappeared, the sun drooped below the horizon, and there was no denying it was time for us all to wander home. There is nothing I love more than a great event that can bring friends together over good drinks and food.



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