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Happy Wednesday!!

Another week gone by, and another roundup of all my favorite things from the internet this week/things I am loving that I can use the internet to point you towards. This week has been pretty low-key. No life updates, no trips, no dilemmas, just the same old, same old around here. Also, real talk,  this may be a short post since my stomach is audibly growling for dinner in a way that is nothing short of distracting. Danny and I got wind that a local restaurant, Acme, has a special on Tuesdays where all of their entrees are $13.95…a bargain considering it is a $20 and up kinda restaurant. Holla!

I usually would have staked the menu a little more and already be able to tell you exactly what I am going to eat, but somehow my internet has put parental controls on itself. My roommates and I are puzzled, and the internet sternly tells me that I forbidden from visiting their website because it is classified as “alcohol,” a topic unfit for my innocent eyes. If any of you guys know how this could have happened, I am still in search of a solution!

So here’s the round-up, you can thank my parental controls from the G-rated content. No mention of alcohol today, folks!

  1. The unsend feature we have all undoubtedly wish existed at some point or another is finally here! For some reason or another, I am pretty sure that all of us have cursed having an email zip off and being unable to undo it. For me, it has been the result of my sub-par keyboard skills causing me to accidentally hit something that send my unfinished draft zooming off to someone important. #embarassing
  2. This seasoning is my new everything, no pun intended. I whipped up a batch of my own this weekend (recipe coming!) and put it on some salmon (also recipe coming soon!). The results were divine. But I didn’t stop there! I have stirred it into my hummus, sprinkled it on toast and eggs, and added it to a grilled cheese. It takes everything to the next level and is mercilessly addicting.
  3. Continuing with my latest food loves, these K-cups in the maple sleigh flavor are perfection. Appropriate all year round (not that that is really a concern of mine), yet still give a hint of the holidays. I am in love. Best yet, they are super affordable! I scooped up a box at the grocery store because a pack of 12 was on clearance for $4.25. I have since bought four more boxes (all on clearance!).
  4. I’d like to formally request this cake for my next birthday, as far off as that may be. If you want to go ahead and gift me her cake decorating skills while you’re at it, I wouldn’t say no. Marzipan = love. Blueberries = love. Gold = adore.
  5. I am on the hunt on craigslist for some cheap stools that I can DIY to look like this and use as end tables or bedside tables. I am not the most blessed in the DIY abilities department, but this looks completely doable and so cute!
  6. And finally, my retail crush of the week are these booties!  Perfect for the summer, and appropriate for the transition into fall. Which is something I am sadly already thinking about. Enough with this heat already!




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