My name is Taylor. T for short. Thank you for stopping by! I  just graduated law school, so I am studying for a profession that does not leave much room for creativity save the occasional crafty legal argument (that’s the most legal talk I’ll make you endure, promise). I never considered myself creative until I had been in law school a couple years. Suddenly, I found myself craving an opportunity to do anything requiring me to create something pretty (or tasty!): an event to plan an outfit for, a reason to whip up a fancy dinner, or even a reason to design a fun table setting for a holiday meal.  I have been following bloggers for a long time, envious of them for having an outlet to show off what they love to do. One day I realized there was nothing separating them from little old me except that they had decided to take the risk of starting a blog. That’s it. Once I saw it like that, it seemed silly not to go for it myself!

…So here I am, giving it a go!

I wasn’t sure what I wanted to blog about. There are too many things I love to do! Cooking, fashion, decorating, fitness, beauty, the occasional craft, I love them all.  Indecisiveness is the name of the game in pretty much everything I do. I figured that my blog should be the one place for me to do me, so I decided I would blog about it all.  So hopefully you will enjoy a glimpse into what I am loving at any given moment.

If you have made it this far, hopefully that means you can relate to what I want to do with my blog (or, more likely, you’re my mom). I figured it was not the riskiest gamble to think that people have interests beyond one category. Everyday I check multiple blogs to get caught up on fashion, recipes, events, fitness, news, you name it . Why not wrap up a few of those things into one blog? There are so many sweet things in life, so I hope you enjoy me sharing the things I think are the sweetest. It’s my virtual spoonful of sugar!



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