Stretch then Sip: Yoga at The Raleigh Brewing Company

I’ve got a quick little post today that I am writing to talk about a fun activity I tried recently…a Sunday morning yoga class in a brewery. There is plenty of proof on this blog that I love a good trip to a brewery, but normally I attend to socialize and imbibe, not to get my daily sweat on. I love to look at a website called Offline to discover fun things to do on the weekends around town, and a yoga class at the Raleigh Brewing Company  caught my eye!

raleigh brewing company

I have heard of running clubs and yoga at breweries before, but mostly from my friends in Charlotte, not in the Triangle. I immediately texted my friend Katie to see if she would want to go with me, since it didn’t exactly sound like a flying solo kinda activity. 

Katie and I are partners in crime when it comes to testing out various fitness deals around Chapel Hill and Raleigh. We both love to workout and save a buck while we’re at it so we always know we can count on the other to try a random Groupon deal or unusual exercise class. We have done everything from circuit training, sync cycling, and yoga at the most bizarre yoga studio ever together. This wasn’t a “special,” but at $10 per class it was decidedly reasonable for yoga. I knew she would be in.

The class started at 10:30, so we got there a few minutes early, which turned out to be not necessary at all. We waited outside with the instructor and her unbelievably well-behaved dog. I was envious.

raleign brewing company

Once we filed in, it became apparent that my vision of snapping tons of blog worthy photos was a dead one- it was seriously dim in there! Usually, this is exactly what I want for a workout, so I guess objectively speaking I have to make this a plus. But subjectively, it was no bueno/please bear with me on the lack of many photos and low quality. Also, bare with me with this photo, as it was taken after an hour and a half of yoga… #IdontsweatIglisten


The group was pretty small, and there were only 5 or so other people in the class with me and Katie. This allowed the class to be more personalized to what we wanted to work on, so it was nice. There was also the instructors black lab who laid patiently by her side the entire time on his bed. I was in awe of this dogs obedience. The instructor was amazing. Katie asked her after the class if she teaches anywhere else, but sadly this was her only gig. It makes me excited to move to Raleigh, because I am definitely going to have to start going regularly. You can get a package for 4 classes for $20, which cannot be beat for yoga. And since its only offered on Sunday, it keeps you from getting too lazy with your weekend routine haha. Or maybe it’s just me that needs that.

raleigh brewing company

After the class wrapped up, I snooped around while everyone packed up. Thew brewery looks like a ton of fun with lots of old school games to play along with a slew of dart boards and lots of room to hang out. I definitely want to go back sometime without fitness in mind.

raleigh brewing company yoga8

If you’re looking for something to mix it up on the weekend, I definitely recommend giving this a try if you are around Raleigh, or looking for a brewery nearby offering something similar! Some people stuck around after the class for a beer, but Katie and I both had bar studying ahead of us so we figured this trip should be strictly business. All the more reason to go back!