Date Night at Acme

A few weeks ago, I heard some exciting news about a restaurant that I have always wanted to try but somehow never managed to make it to: Acme Food and Beverage Co.  Apparently, it’s a not-so-little known secret that this upper teens to mid twenties an entree restaurant dishes up its menu for a comparatively measly $13.95 a plate on Tuesdays. I had to go.

I suggested to Danny that it was high time we got ourselves pulled together and went on a proper date, since most of our days this summer have been spent buckled down indoors looking at each other in sweats, pajamas, t-shirts, and no make-up. Well, maybe the no make-up is just me, but its not not true for Danny. Lucky men. Style and bar studying go together about as well as oil and vinegar, which is to say not at all for all of you not fluent in outdated cliches. Luckily, Danny grabbed my date bait, and I quickly booked us a table for Tuesday night Acme.acme food and beverage I couldn’t wait! It may have taken me seven years to make it, but my time had come. I also was just itching to get out of the house, talk about anything besides “Have you done the quiz questions yet? Do you think we should do flash cards after dinner?”, put on real clothes, and eat food that wasn’t either cooked by me or fast food. Even when you love to cook, sometimes you just can’t be bothered.

We grabbed the only table we could, at 5:30, right when they opened, so we were the first people through the door. Within 5 minutes, the dining room has filled itself to the brim. Like I said, apparently I was the last one in on this Tuesday night secret.

acme carroboro

We were quickly seated and our (exceptionally amazing) waitress expertly rattled off a long list of specials that all sounded drool-worthy. A standout offering was the oysters on the half shell with mignonette sauce, but at $13 for 6 I wasn’t going to spring for them on Danny’s dime. Lucky, lucky me, Danny knows me extremely well, and when the waitress asked if we wanted anything, Danny ordered the oysters without skipping a beat. When I looked at him startled, he said “What? Aren’t those one of your favorite foods? That’s why I was going to get them!” Swoon. You didn’t hear any objections from my side of the table after that A+ response.


Once they came, we both appreciated his decision all the more. These babies were so fresh there was not a hint of chewiness to be found. Just delicious tangy bites that tasted perfectly of the sea.

oysters with mignonette sauce

The only disappointing thing about them is that they are not a regular menu item so I can’t go back and get more immediately. Writing this post is seriously craving-inducing.

oysters with mignonette sauce For the Tuesday special at Acme, you have to order an Acme Classic or a Seasonal Favorite, which is really about 3/4 of the menu. After a lot of deliberation (and persuading Danny to not order the same thing as me so that we could try two dishes), I settled on the seared tuna and Danny went for a classic steak frites. We barely were done discussing how amazing the oysters were when our plates arrived to the table. And neither one of us could wipe the kid-at-Christmas grins off our faces once we saw what was piled on them!

Acme Food and Beverage Co.

The Tuna was served in a deliciously creamy sauce over chilaquiles with lots of fresh cilantro. It was a seasonal feature and isn’t listed on their website, so I can’t remember all of the exact flavors at play. Which I guess means all my lucky Chapel Hill friends will need to make it a point to try it themselves!


Danny’s dish came on a bed of crispy thin fries and was served with a delicious heap of fresh summer tomatoes with basil and olive oil, a perfectly medium rare seared steak, and a healthy dollop of morel mushroom butter on top. It was divine, or as Danny put it after his first bite “exquisite.” When Danny breaks out that sort of language, I know he ordered well I must try some of his food. I even later caught him telling his mom that is was the best steak of his life. For $13.95 that cannot be beat!


I was thoroughly stuffed after our dinner, but Danny had his sights set on Dessert. We were headed to a movie across town, so I struck a deal with him that I would buy him anything for dessert at a local store called Weaver Street Market if we could head over towards the theater. I was NOT going to be late for out movie, Inside Out. He agreed and we we’re soon settling into chairs outside for him to devour a slice of chocolate creme pie.

weaver street market


You didn’t think I would put him through the trouble of having to eat it all by himself though?! I would never be so impolite.


Despite my rush to get to the theater, we had a good deal of time to kill, so we went and surprised his sister in law at her house, conveniently right down the block. The surprise was on us when his sister was there too! We chatted for a few minutes and then dashed off to the main event of the night, Inside Out, which I had been dying to see.


I adored the movie, I thought it was so original, creative, funny, and heart warming. Danny was only mildly amused by it. He gave me his signature response when he doesn’t want to crush my spirits when I asked what he thought “I liked that you loved it, that’s good enough for me.” While that is a sweet sentiment, don’t listen to him. It was so good, and I give it the highest recommendations to anyone who still has a soft spot for animated movies like myself.