Wednesday Web Wanderings


Hi all! Thank’s for stopping by for another midweek roundup of all my favorite finds from this week/things I randomly thought about while writing! Every week I promise myself that I will do better at squirreling away all of the article I read and love that week so I have great content come Wednesday, and yet every Tuesday night find me desperately trying to remember what that article I was laughing about was called, or where I saw that dress I loved. Oh well, one day I will learn.

Despite my lack of planning, I think this week’s roundup came together prettttyyy nicely. If I do say so myself. Then again, it is my list, so I’m not sure how qualified I am to endorse it…

  1. This article was so interesting to me! I love reading about studies that discuss why people end up with who they end up with. I don’t know why it fascinates me so much, but when Erin of Her Heartland and Soul posted this on Saturday, I took the time to read it from start to finish…a feat for me! It makes perfect sense, but is very interesting to think about. Danny and I were never really friends before we started dating, so we fall into that camp. But it is interesting to think about couples you know that have the friends first dynamic!
  2. When I first found my apartment for next year, my mom introduced me to and I have been meaning to share it on here ever since! It is seriously addicting and will definitely make you want #allthethings.
  3. Although I often proclaim myself a dog lady, that doesn’t mean I don’t have a soft spot for cats. Although Danny doesn’t know it yet, we will totally have a cat one day. Lucky for me, he has a soft spot for animals generally, so I am fairly certain I can convince him. He also loves my family’s cat, Luna, so hopefully I can work that angle to my advantage. I grew up with cats, and I loved reading this article about them. Part of what I love about cats is how independent and unpredictable they are. Dogs are amazing, but cats are just so interesting to have hanging around.
  4. Calling all donut lovers! Did you know that at certain Krispy Kreme locations this Friday you can get a dozen donut for 78 cents in celebration of their birthday?! This is not a drill!
  5. Speaking of drills and things that are not them, this. I am an amazon addict. I even use it to order my dog’s food right to my door (it’s cheaper than at the store!). This is something I have a reminder set for on my phone. That puts it in pretty darn important territory in Taylor world.
  6. A pie I would probably never order but now desperately want to make, all thanks to a great story that is well worth the read. Well, maybe I would have ordered it. It would be the sour cream and not the raisins that would deter me. I am one of those people who is sad when what they thought was an oatmeal raisin cookie turns out to be chocolate chip, also known as crazy to many people. Also, I love it when stories point out how small the world is. Speaking of small worlds, I just saw on Facebook today that my cousin from Orlando had put up a picture, and one of my old coworkers from the UNC Student Stores had liked it…what the what? I love things like that.
  7. And finally, the piece I am lusting after this week…This sweatshirt.  I have actually been lusting after this since before Christmas. I dropped several hint to Danny, telling him how much I wanted it and that if I had it I “would never take it off and wear it everywhere,” but sadly it never ended up in my closet. Writing it out, I probably shot myself in the foot with that one. Me telling him that may be exactly why I never got it. Shoulda kept my mouth shut haha!