Blind Wine Tasting


For our second night in the cabin, I promised there would be wine. There was lots of wine. As any self-respecting girls weekend would have it.

A few weeks before we left, we decided to have a blind wine tasting and cheese night for a fun night in. Emily had introduced me to the idea of a blind wine tasting and I loved it, so I took it and I loosely ran with it.

See, in a true blind wine tasting, you are supposed to all pick 1 variety of wine, say Merlot, and buy several different bottles of it, preferably at different price points, and pick which ones are your favorites before unveiling the bottles to see which wine reigns supreme. Well, that wasn’t enough variety for me. I wanted to have my red, and drink white too. And rose while I was at it. So we decided that the Charlotte girls would bring the red and the Chapel Hill girls would bring the white. And Katie went rogue and surprised us all with a pink offering that nobody was complaining about.

But I’m getting ahead of myself! Before we even began uncorking the bottles we were taking some time to relax on the deck when Erica and Megan disappeared. When the returned, they came with festive “Congrats Grads” cups and ice cold bubbly in hand. Really, more people should employ this surprise entrance technique, since it will make you lots of friends! They hadn’t been able to make it for our graduation, so they delayed the celebration and brought a toast for us all to share.




They even gave us table side service! It was such a sweet surprise and made me think about how lucky I am to have such good friends from college. We toasted and paired our champagne with the classiest of appetizers…cheese popcorn. For real though, it was delicious.


A little bit merrier from the champagne, we made our way inside to set up the wine tasting and prepare an epic cheese plate. We ended up with way more cheese than we needed, but it wasn’t a problem you heard anyone complaining about!

cheese plate

We had syrah soaked toscano cheese, sharp cheddar, brie, colby jack, prosciutto wrapped mozzarella, and a hard parmesan like variety. We paired it up with pistachios, salamis, grapes, raspberry jam, and a delicious “honey for cheese” my cousin had gotten me in Savannah! It was a sight for sore hungry eyes.


To keep the bottles hidden, I had printed out labels for each bottle to tape around the bottles, and sheets for each person to note their favorites.



Once we popped the corks, we toasted to the night and got to tasting!



Erica had bought little cards while we were in town that had sweet, uplifting messages on them. This is the most Erica thing to do in the world, and one of the reasons we love her. She decided to go through them all during our tasting, pick one that best applied to each person, and then give it to them to keep and tell them why. This process resulted in the perfect combination of awwws and uncontrollable laughter.




This was my quote, and I love it! And yes, Erica, I still have it! I was looking at it just yesterday in fact.

As the wine supply went down, so did the sun, and it was eventually the perfect temperature to move the whole ordeal outside. This is where we had the unveiling of the bottles! We all had different favorites, but agreed that all of the wines we picked were good!




We lingered outside for the rest of the night until all that was left was the glow of the candle. At that point, we decided a flickering flame wouldn’t cut it, and retired to the fire pit to make s’mores until it was time to call it a night.


This is the second summer we have all met up in the mountains, and I hope it becomes our little tradition!