Winter Neutrals

gold ring

Do you ever just feel like you need to get dressed nicely for a day, even though you have nothing go on and pajamas would be suitable attire for your plans?


That’s how I was feeling Saturday. Something about spending several days couped up wearing sweatpants and over-sized sweaters made me feel like I needed to reaffirm my ability to make myself look presentable. I really didn’t have much to do this day except go out to dinner with Danny at our favorite {very casual} Mexican restaurant. Seriously, my sweatpants wouldn’t have gotten a second glance there.

sipping coffee

^^I had to bring coffee out to take these pictures. It was fuhhreeezzzingg!


Seeing as it was still freezing cold, I reached for my coziest pieces. This chunky fisherman’s sweater pulled over a warm tissue turtleneck was just the thing. This Cynthia Rowley sweater is definitely one of my favorite pieces in my winter wardrobe. The classic style is elevated by a subtle metallic gold thread integrated with the winter white wool. I paired it with head to toe neutrals, relying on textures to give interest to my outfit: smooth black leggings with  a metallic gold zipper details, a fuzzy camel pea coat, a patent leather purse, a sparkly necklace, and calf skin leopard print shoes. To finish off the look, I pulled my hair into a low knotted bun, one of my favorite lazy-day styles when I just want to spray my hair with dry shampoo and call it a day.

low knot bun


street view


monogram ring


{Monogrammed ring: Keti Sorely}

close up leopard


holding coat

{Camel coat, old: similar here} (shoes, old Jessica Simpson: similar here} {purse, Kate Spade (gifted): similar here, cheaper here and here} { Cynthia Rowley (from Marshall’s): similar here} {leggings, Max Studio: available here} {necklace, Sabine: similar here and here }

As much as I love lounging, sometimes enough is enough. This outfit was just as comfy as my sweats, but made me proud to be seen in public. Do you guys ever feel this way? Sometimes just doing my hair and makeup and pulling on a nice sweater is enough to take my day from blah to exciting. I even find it makes me far more motivated to go out and get things done. Maybe because I just want an excuse to be seen feeling my best!