Hello world!


Wow, my very first post! It is much scarier than you would think putting some words on a page would be! If you read my about me page (you’re the best if you did!), then you know I love blogs and have wanted to start one for a while. I thought it would be fitting to tell you a little bit about myself before I dive in, like it’s the first day of class!

I am a 24 year old North Carolina native, and I think that it is just about the best place in the world. I am a UNC Tar Heels fan born and bred. Also, I’m currently in my third year of law school, which means this isn’t the most logical time to start a blog, but hey, i’m living on the edge haha.

My likes are pretty much endless. My boyfriend always jokes when I say something is “my favorite thing ever” by saying “yeah, what isn’t?!” If I had to make a list, I’d say Christmas, my dog, the colors pink and yellow, cooking, bargain shopping, good food (esp. marshmallows), winter weather, working out (esp. yoga), and coffee probably top the list. And my awesome boyfriend who knows how much I love blogs and encouraged me to take the leap also gets a place on there. Thanks, babe ;).

Anyways, I should introduce you to Dexter, my pup. Prepare to see a lot of him on here, as I am OBSESSED. Can you blame me, look at that little nugget tongue!!




I’m not even sure what to put for my dislikes. I guess my boyfriend is onto something with his assessment of me. Papaya? Kahki pants on girls? Traffic? These are a few of my least favorite things.

Thanks for reading and I can’t wait to get to know you!