Wednesday Web Wanderings


It was a big week this week! Marriage equality for all and my internet is exploding with rainbow color everything and I couldn’t be happier about it. That has been the big excitement for this week, which has otherwise been a blur of flashcards and practice questions #hurryupJuly29!

The Bar exam is getting pretty close…exactly 4 weeks to go which feels like nothing at all! I can almost taste the celebratory beer and envision having time to do the 500 DIY projects I have dreamed up for the new apartment. This week I discovered a little technique called pickling wood and I think Danny’s head may explode if he has to smile and nod as I tell him one more piece of furniture that we need to sand down and refinish after the bar. Mercifully, I have kept my equally obsessive chalk painting ideas to myself to spare him.

In honor of this weekends patriotic celebrations, I wanted to start off my round-up with one of my favorite Buzzfeed articles from this week that displays some particularly un-patriotic (and uninformed) messages from America’s fine citizens. News flash: moving to Canada is not going to help you if marriage equality is somehow so devastating for you. Moving on to the rest of the list….

  1. Norwegian brown cheese. Have you ever heard of it? Neither had I until I dated Danny. Danny was one of the pickier eaters I had ever known when I first met him (that has thankfully changed!), so imagine my surprise when I asked him what his favorite food was and he said “Norwegian goat cheese on a toasted English muffin.” …come again? Since, I have discovered that it is absolutely DIVINE cheese that comes in little blocks, needs to be sliced thin, and is the color of peanut butter. It is also getting a lot easier to come by at regular ol’ grocery stores.
  2. This article cracked me up! He also hits on a serious point…why are women advertised to like this? It’s ridiculous. I have always wondered what exactly makes Luna bars “for women”…and don’t get me started on how unsatisfying those mini Fiber One brownies are. Puh-lease!
  3. I am obsessed with this dress… I want you, I need you, oh baby, oh baby! Anyone know that movie?! Such a classic and versatile piece that isn’t going to go out of style anytime soon!
  4. My favorite quiz for the week (shockingly, it doesn’t revolve around Harry Potter either!). I got Marta…”You are inquisitive, smart, and gentle. You’re innocent and you’re not afraid to embrace your youth.” Not completely off the mark. I absolutely love The Sound of Music…just this week I subjected Danny to some of my study break DJing, and a few tracks may have slipped in.
  5. And finally, the dessert I have decided to make for a Fourth of July picnic….how incredible do these look?! A fair number of steps, but mostly made of kitchen staples which means no mega grocery trip between me and a batch.

Until next time!